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Program Overview

The Canadian Association of Fairs and Exhibitions has developed, with the input and guidance of animal care experts from across Canada, a best practices program to build public trust at public events in relation to animal care specifically.

Our goal with this project is to ensure that agricultural community events and activities with animals that interact with the public have the tools and knowledge to educate the public and be best prepared when it comes to agriculture and animal interaction in order to grow and develop public trust in the agricultural industry. There is a national need to inform the public about animal handling at public events and venues. This project will help create a national guideline for public events in regards to animal care.

Our Commitment to Animal Care

Fairs and exhibitions were founded as agricultural showcases. They were an opportunity to present the best animals and the best agriculture to fellow farmers, neighbours and visitors. To this day, the participation of animals in fairs and exhibitions continues to create valuable connections between urban and rural. Through competition, exhibition and educational programming it is also clearly demonstrated they are valued and cared for by their owners.

CAFE believes in the importance of continuous improvement in regards to animal care and we encourage the industry to seek expert advice and research to ensure every animal receives the best possible care while participating in fairs and exhibitions – at or above provincial and national standards. We also encourage member organizations to support their volunteers, employees, competitors and exhibitors by developing and implementing their own codes of care.

CAFE Animal Care Best Practices Workshop

Starting in the fall of 2022, CAFE will be launching the workshop portion of this project. CAFE will be hosting up to 10 one day, 4-hour long workshops across Canada between October 2022 and the end of March 2023, where participants will learn about the best practices, develop a plan for their event, and receive a certificate once they have completed the workshop. 

The workshops will ensure a comprehensive understanding of animal care best practices so that participants walk away with the beginnings of their own animal care program, including how to handle disruptions.


As a part of funding received on behalf of Federal Canadian Government, the CAFE Animal Care Workshop sessions are FREE for CAFE members and non-members to attend.

Partial reimbursement of costs (meals and accommodations) is available for up to 20 participants travelling more than 50KM to the workshop – on a first-come, first-serve basis, subject to an application process.

Eligible coverage

No overnight stay, travelling more than 50km

Overnight stay at hotel, travelling more than 50km



Adult Education Course

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For more information please the CAFE Program Coordinator contact
Angelo Leo at

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